The log cabin is as much an image as it is a building. It is a symbol of the settling of the nation. It evokes thoughts of maple syrup and the American frontier. It is an important setting in the stories of real and fictional people such as Abraham Lincoln, Daniel Boone, and Uncle Tom.  Perhaps because of this, people give the log cabin a status no other type of house enjoys.


Each cabin is individually handcrafted and can be customized; unique in our day, authentic of times past.

The cabins are built from whole logs. The logs have been glued and fastened together with log screws, including steel bar supports on the corners with concrete chinking applied in a steel mesh. Shingles are sawn on a 1911 shingle saw and applied with screws and adhesive on top of a heavy moisture barrier fabric. Heavy ¼ inch pane glass windows.

Fireplace is built with real rock around a steel fabricated fire box and chimney, insulated with perlite. All lumber is fastened with screws. All lumber and shingles are milled on site. Logs come off local mountains. Authentic style, hand built furnishings. Cabin and porch are built as a single unit, secured to a log base and can be transported. Outside dimensions are 14’ x 18’. All wood is oil treated inside and out. 


So come on in and visit us and experience the pioneer heritage that our log cabins represent. Add a Pioneer Log Cabin to your choice of property and create your own “Step Back In Time” getaway.

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